It is time for the players of the NBA to stop talking, stop ‘making a stand’ and take what the owners are offering, which currently stands at a 50/50 split of revenue.  At the end of the day the fans want basketball and without the fans there is no NBA, no millionaire athletes, no CBA to be re-negotiated, etc.  Plus, what is fairer than a 50/50 split, especially when the players were getting 57% during the last CBA?  It is time to shut up and play.

For comparison purposes I turn to the NFL and its new CBA.  Under the NFL’s re-negotiated CBA the players get a 46-48% share of the revenue.  And the NBA players want 53% and refuse to go any lower, even though they were at 57% under the previous CBA.  The players should be a little more grateful of what they have already received and realize what is fair.  Plus, there is no ignoring the popularity of the NFL at this point in time and the NBA is going to lose even more ground in popularity by prolonging an agreement and cancelling games.

Let’s not forget the average NBA salary of $5.15 million per year compared to the average salary of the U.S. citizen of $46, 326 .  No matter how many tweets players send out, or articles they write, or t-shirts they wear, there are going to be plenty who still see millionaires who bounce a ball for a living crying about not getting more money.  There are many in the current state of the economy who cannot even find employment.  Maybe players should be a little more grateful that they have a job at all.

There have now been mentions of players forming their own league .  This seems to raise all sorts of questions.  For example, where are they going to play?  NBA owners probably won’t let them use their gyms.  Who is going to manage marketing, ticket sales, etc?  Do the players not remember the success, or lack thereof, of leagues such as the WFL, WHL, USFL, etc?  Odds are players would earn a lot less forming their own league than agreeing to absolutely everything the owners are asking for in the CBA negotiations.  If history is any indicator, a player-owned league will most likely will fail.

And if the players want to continue to ‘stand strong,’ fine, because that will only help small market teams, which I am all for.  History shows that the longer the lockout goes the chances of the owners getting their way goes up.  Here, the owners are looking for, among other things, a hard salary cap and/or harsher luxury tax penalties, which will hinder the large spending of big market teams like LA, NY, D.C., Miami, Boston, etc, and help small market teams like Utah, Denver, Portland, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Minnesota, New Orleans, etc.  This will result in more competitive balance, which means more championships across the board, instead of one team getting not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven…you get my point…NBA championships.

It is time to shut up, take what the owners are offering, and play.