Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is under investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Vancouver, Canada, after allegedly assaulting a boy at a local laser tag facility.  The 12-year-old victim claims that Bieber, 16, physically assaulted him Friday, October 15 during a laser tag game at Planet Lazer Entertainment Centre in Richmond, B.C.  Even though the boy suffered minimal injuries and was not in need of any medical attention, his father filed a complaint later that evening, allegedly implicating the young singer as the attacker.  A representative of the Vancouver police reported that the investigation is active and they are in the process of interviewing possible witnesses.  While the investigation is pending, sources at the scene claim that the singer did not merely lash out at an innocent bystander, but was targeted during the game by multiple other players.  Allegedly, an employee of the laser tag facility reported that Bieber was cornered by a small crowd, and acted in self-defense by pushing the victim after being provoked and taunted with physical threats and gay slurs.  Bieber stayed in the lobby after the incident to explain the circumstances, though the victim’s parents insisted on calling the police.

Media sources are now reporting that the alleged homophobic nature of the incident has inspired Bieber to take a stand against bullying.  TMZ reports that Bieber has been “telling friends he had no idea how hurtful these comments could be,” and he plans to now participate in activism by lending his voice to an anti-bullying campaign.  Bieber reportedly feels that it is “important for people to know what happened.”  MTV sources are now reporting that the star is expected to record a public-service announcement for the anti-gay bullying campaign, “It Gets Better,” in the next few weeks.  Anti-gay bullying activism has picked up support in recent weeks as stars speak out against the string of suicides that reportedly were the result of multiple incidents of bullying across the nation.  Bieber plans to get involved due to his recent personal experience in an effort to gain greater notoriety for the cause.